Disconnect from the outside world to pamper your body. Relax to regain your balance, your harmony and live better. Without leaving your home, whenever you want, all the time you need it.

How It Works


Choose one or more of our three subscription plans; Monthly (month to month), Six (6) months, and Yearly.


Fill your personal information and credit card in our data. Make sure to save your username and password and do not share it with anyone.


Receive your luxurious monthly box at the comfort of you home or send it as a gift to anyone you wish.

What's inside the box?

* Four (4) travel-size products selected by our experts and one (1) accessory item.

* Valuable information about products, tips, or step-by-steps

* Discount coupon and many special offers

* A mystery bonus gift every once in a while

* Free shipping 


What people say about Green Spa Box

All products are natural and organic, the box is just what you need to make a mini spa in your home and the products can mostly be used more than once. The quality compared to its price is much more! I love waiting every month for my box to pamper myself!

Diany - Feb 19, 2019

I love the variety of products provided by this box. Yes, it’s a beauty box, but most months have included other items, such as jewelry, journals, a jade roller... I also like the quality ingredients used - many organic and natural products. Great bang for my buck!

Kel E. - Oct 01, 2018

I was so happy with my box and I loved everything in it. The best thing about the box is I felt like the box was made just for me and that the owner took the time and effort to put love into everything that was sent. I definitely give this box 5 stars and recommend that you guys try it.

Maria S. - Mar 29, 2018