In 2014, Betsi Chico had a dream to bring natural beauty products in a luxurious style to the people of her country. She also wanted to help people by making them realize that with the right selection of products anyone can create a luxurious spa environment anywhere, specially in the comfort place of their homes. With this concept, she started to search for the best organic ingredients and the finest essential oils she could find over the world to make this a reality. We believe that nature has everything we need to help us reach the perfect balance. Our main goal is to promote health and well being for mind, body and soul. As a family-owned business we truly believe that our God has help us in every step of the way and we are truly grateful. We are also very thankful for our family and friends for all the support we have received over the years.


Our first company and online store (Betsi Luxurious Home Spa) emerge in January 2015, in the city of Naples, FL. Now three years later we decided to renovate and bring you this vision in a new way. Green Spa Box is the beginning of a new era and we are looking forward to position ourselves as one of the leading company of natural beauty products around the world. We strongly believe in protecting people, animals and the planet. We take our commitment very seriously and we hope we can make it right for you.

Betsi Chico - Founder & CEO

Betsi Chico is founder and CEO of Green Spa Box, she is a native puerto rican business woman and entrepreneur who has been established in Naples, Florida since 2012. She has a solid background on business administration with a degree in International Business Relations. Over the past 10 years she has developed as a strong business leader with a sound and optimistic outlook on all things in life.  Being a mother of two and a wife has helped here and motivated her to pursue her dream on the natural beauty industry. In search to provide her family and friends healthier and better ways to live she came with the best natural ingredients and therefore the best natural products in the market. Chico has committed to keep searching, innovating and bringing health, beauty and wellness to our bodies and souls. Always using safety ways to save our planet and protect our animals.